Clinical Attachments (or Core Block Attachments)

Clinical Attachments in Stage 3 involve eight four-week attachments to the main medical and surgical ward services and associated ambulatory clinics.

Supervisors for the Clinical Attachments (or Core Block Attachments)

Associate Professor Fitzpatrick. Ph:4734 2605
Dr. David Coulshed
Dr. Clyne Fernandes
Dr. Hisham Hallani

Critical Care: ICU, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics
Clinical Professor McLean. Ph:4734 2490
Dr Louise Cole. Ph:4734 1351
*Emergency Department specialists change daily. Contact the EMU consultant daily for tutorial information.

Professor Jack Wall. Ph:4734 2613 / 4734 2604
Dr. Kris Park

Dr. Andrew Keegan
Dr. Martin Grehan
Dr. Jim Kalantar

Prof. Michael Cox
Prof. Mohamed Khadra
Dr Han Liem Ph:4734 2607 / 4722 9880

Associate Professor Gustavo Duque Ph:4734 1772 / 4734 2614
Dr. Anita Sharma (Mondays). Pager 26023
Dr. Luis sardinha
Dr. Peter Webster

Infectious Diseases/ Immunology
Dr. James Branley. Ph:4734 2819
Dr. Marcel Leroi Ph:4734 1210

Dr Jonathan Wood
Dr. Mark Thieben. Pager 17036
Dr. H. Park. Ph: 4721 4960
Dr. M. Shaffi

Dr. V. Casikar. Pager 17181
Dr. Kevin Seex

Oncology/ Haematology
Dr Crombie. Ph:4734 3394, Pager 17001
Dr Stephen Fuller Ph:4734 2599 / 4734 2613

Orthopedics/ Rheumatology/ Rehabilitation
Dr. Rami Sorial
Dr Simon Coffey

Dr M. Dally. Pager 14753
Dr. M. Comsa. Ph:4734 41352, Pager 17621

Dr. Bertram Canagasingham. Ph:4734 3563, Pager 17357