Rural rotations

Rural rotations are undertaken in third and fourth years of the graduate medical program. Students typically undertake a four week rural ICA placement in third year and a four week rural placement, as part of a Community Rotation, in fourth year.

All students must complete an SO10 form and a Rental subsidy statement prior to undertaking rural placements. Direct enquiries and submit forms regarding your rural placements to


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Placement preferences

Although we do endeavour to place you according to your stated preferences, township preferences can only be met if supervisors are available at the time of the scheduled placement. Unfortunately, supervisors are not always available and/or at the last minute are unable to host a student for their rural placement.

If you are unable to go to a rural placement, due to employment commitments, family commitments, or illness, you can apply for special consideration. For ICA placements speak with your clinical school executive officer in the first instance. For the Community Rotation, you need to fill out the “special consideration” section of the rural preference form.