Rural rotations

Rural rotations are undertaken in third and fourth years of the graduate medical program. Students typically undertake a four week rural ICA placement in third year and a four week rural placement, as part of a Community Rotation, in fourth year.

All students must complete an SO10 form and a Rental subsidy statement prior to undertaking rural placements. Direct enquiries and submit forms regarding your rural placements to Executive Officer : Denise Thornhill.


For placements organized by the university, travel is subsidized up to the equivalent of a student concession return rail/bus fare to the destination. Should you choose to drive, keep all petrol receipts travelling to and from your rural placement to receive a subsidy equal to the cost of one student concession return rail/bus fare. Students who secure a placement in the Northern Territory will have air travel booked and paid for by the university. If you organize an interstate placement you are ineligible for travel subsidies, however self-organized rural placements in NSW are eligible for the travel subsidy. Students do not receive travel subsidies for any additional trips made between their rural placement and home.

University-organized rural placements usually fully subsidize hospital-based or private accommodation costs. Students who organize their own rural placements receive no accommodation subsidy.

Students are required to retain original receipts of travel expenses to and from their rural placement for reimbursement upon returning to clinical school. A cheque requisition form, an optional electronic banking details form, and a rural questionnaire must be completed before reimbursement. Reimbursement of travel expenses after forms have been submitted usually takes between eight and twelve weeks.

If you have not received a subsidy for either or both of the four week placements, you may be eligible for a subsidy for other rural placements, such as those undertaken as an elective. If you are undertaking a rural placement as an elective and have already received subsidies for two four-week rural placements, contact the department with whom you have a rural placement about the availability of travel subsidies.

You can ascertain your subsidy eligibility status by contacting The Rural Placement Co-Ordinator : Ms Annette MacQuibban.

Placement preferences

Although we do endeavour to place you according to your stated preferences, township preferences can only be met if supervisors are available at the time of the scheduled placement. Unfortunately, supervisors are not always available and/or at the last minute are unable to host a student for their rural placement.

If you are unable to go to a rural placement, due to employment commitments, family commitments, or illness, you can apply for special consideration. For ICA placements speak with your clinical school executive officer in the first instance. For the Community Rotation, you need to fill out the “special consideration” section of the rural preference form.