Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney

The Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney opened in 1906. Since that time it has expanded to a major rehabilitation facility, and also provides for long-term supported accommodation for people with disabilities.

The Centre's inpatient rehabilitation services include a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, an Aged Rehabilitation Care Unit (Dixon Unit) and a Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit. There are outpatient, community and outreach rehabilitation services also provided.

Royal Rehab hosts a number of research centres. The Rehabilitation Studies Unit is an interdisciplinary group with major interests in injury related disability. The other research units are the Centre for Disability Studies, the Community Rehabilitation Research Unit and the Nursing Rehabilitation Research Unit.

The Centre offers post-graduate training in Rehabilitation Medicine and under-graduate training for medical students and for students from the Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Sydney).

Finding the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney