Kolling building at RNSH

Established in 1990, the Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI) is a joint initiative between the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital. PMRI is a division of the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, which has the broad goal of improving human health.

The PMRI conducts basic and clinical research programs and also operates a national and international educational program leading to a Masters qualification in Pain Management.

The PMRI works in close collaboration with the Pain Management & Research Centre (PMRC), which treats patients with acute pain, cancer pain, and chronic non-cancer pain.

  • Our research
    We have a number of major research programs investigating mechanisms and treatment of severe persistent pain problems.
  • About pain
    An estimated 1 in 5 Australians suffer persistent pain – pain that continues for more than 3 months.
  • Patient stories
    Every single day, thousands of Australians wake to debilitating chronic pain – month after month, year after year.
    Many find themselves locked into a cycle of pills, depression and bed rest.