Sherry Yam - Finance Assistant

Sherry Yam

Sherry joined the Northern Clinical School (now known as Sydney Medical School-Northern) in March 2006 as a part time Finance Assistant, working closely with Swee who is the School Accountant.

In 1989, she came to Australia to study High School from Hong Kong. Then completed an Associate Diploma in Business (Accounting) in TAFE in 1994 and a Bachelor in Marketing at the University of Wollongong.

Sherry started her career with the China Radio Station as a Marketing Executive, program announcer and news reporter in 1996. She enjoyed meeting people and facing new challenges during her 5 years there.

Prior to NCS, Sherry worked for Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney as a part-time Administrative Assistant in Herbal Medicine Research & Education Centre.

Sherry's interests include reading, swimming, squash, bush walking and travelling.

Telephone: +61-2-9926-4686
Facsimile: +61-2-9926-4033