Tracey Bayliss - Administrative Officer - Community & Stage 2 (Part-time)

Tracey Bayliss

My background is the Airline Industry. Working from Reservations to running the Data base for American Airlines wholesale program within Australia. This did of course have its perks. The rule was, you had to experience what you were selling. My most favourite stomping ground was Hawaii and the outer islands.

My children stopped this type of lifestyle but I wouldn't change that for the world. I now spend most of my free time sitting on my Caribee folding chair on some sort of sporting field watching my children play sport. Only dreaming about Hawaii.

I have worked for the Academic GP Unit now for many years. I love the work I am doing and love the interaction between both my colleagues and the Med Students.

Contact details
Telephone: +61-2-9477-9165
Facsimile: +61-2-9482-1642