Jennie Dibley - Administrative Officer (Part-Time)

Jennie Dibley

Jennie joined the PMC as an actor in 1999 and then added to that the administrator's role in 2004.... sometimes she's wearing one hat and sometimes the other. She has previously been a laboratory technician for the Dept of Public Health and the AGL; a preschool teacher (briefly), a kitchen hand for a busy motel in the city where she spent 3 hrs each morning making toast; a mail deliverer (on foot) for the Law Society in the city; a receptionist for chiropractic, optometric and ultrasonic clinics; a commentator for Capt Cook Cruises, enlightening and entertaining the crowds; a sales person for backup software; a yoga teacher and other things. She has 2 gorgeous sons (OK she's biased), Julz (21) and Luke (29).

Here at RNSH, she manages the volatile arena of the Pam McLean Centre - mostly using cajolery, diplomacy and grace but at times resorting to the determination, command and ferocity of her alter ego...... she much prefers the former. She still wears her actor's hat for the PMC and gets great job satisfaction from witnessing the 'light come on' for medical staff during communication workshops when she's playing a patient.

She also treads the boards or hits the screen in acting work outside the educational field. Another of her jobs is coaching students (high school or acting) privately, and she loves it - watching lights come on is one of her favourite activities. She also loves to watch movies, read books, walk, be warm and go to the AFL.

Contact details
Telephone: +61-2-9926-4691
Facsimile: +61-2-9439-4048