Paul Heinrich - Creative Director, PMCCC

Paul Heinrich

Paul Heinrich was appointed Manager of the Pam McLean Cancer Communications Centre in late 1997.

As Manager of the Pam McLean Centre, Paul works with teams of clinicians and medical psychologists to research, analyse, and re-create common medical encounters between doctors and patients. He then trains actors to portray patients with whom medical students, young doctors and consultants may practise and develop their communication skills. Workshops so far have included such subjects as how to break bad news, dealing with anger or distress, familial cancer, assessing and treating cancer pain, recruiting patients for clinical trials, feedback skills, and the use of psychodrama in cancer support groups.

Paul brings to this position extensive experience and training in various modes of drama and performance. In addition to a doctorate in Theatre and Drama from Northwestern University in Illinois, Paul has run a drama department, directed mainstage and open-air theatre, and performed and taught acting, voice, puppetry and storytelling at tertiary level.

Contact details
Telephone: +61-2-9926-4693
Facsimile: +61-2-9438-4048