Placement availability at SMS-Northern

Applications for 2019 open on Friday 1st June 2018. Any applications received before the open date will NOT be processed.

Below are tables which show the available placements for the given year. Please review these tables before filling in your preferences on the application form.

NOTE: Applications for 2019 will NOT be accepted before midnight on 01st June 2018 Sydney time

Before selecting your preferences:

  • Only choose from placements shown to be available, indicated in the availability sheet by white squares. This means if you want a three week elective there must be three consecutive white squares.
  • Please also note the conditions placed upon some specialties, outlined below each table, and the minimum/maximum length for an elective.
  • An elective of six weeks or more will be split into two different specialties, unless you particularly wish to spend the entire time in one specialty. While we don't recommend this (and it is often not possible) you must make a specific request in the comments section of the application form, for this to occur.
  • Electives are measured from Monday to Sunday in week blocks. Partial weeks are not available and the commencement date must be a Monday. (except for public holidays)
  • All applications and inquiries MUST be addressed to the Clinical School directly. DO NOT approach individual departments or supervisors directly as no preferential treatment is given.
  • Please note that Sydney is a large city and the different Hospital sites can be quite a distance from each other. Please keep this in mind when choosing your preferences and when booking accommodation.