Australian public holidays

If your elective commences on a public holiday, your first day will be the following Tuesday. This will not be counted as an absence.

Generally you will not be expected to attend on public holidays during your elective but this is the decision of your supervisor so a day off is not guaranteed.




New Year's Day

Thursday 1 January

 Friday 1 January

Australia Day 

Monday 26 January

 Tuesday 26 January

Good Friday 

Friday 3 April

 Friday 25 March

Easter Saturday 

Saturday 4 April

 Saturday 26 March

Easter Sunday

Sunday 5 April

 Sunday 27 March

Easter Monday 

Monday 6 April

 Monday 28 March

Anzac Day 

Saturday 25 April

 Monday 25 April

Queen's Birthday 

Monday 8 June

 Monday 13 June

Labour Day 

Monday 5 October

 Monday 3 October

Christmas Day public holiday

Friday 25 December

 Sunday 25 December

Boxing Day

Saturday 26 December

Monday 28 December

 Monday 26 December