Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

The Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre occupies Level 6 of the Kolling Building. The centre is a collaboration between the Northern Clinical Skills Centre (NCSC) and the Sydney Medical Simulation Centre (SMSC).

The SCSSC is a modern multifunctional training facility. Outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies and audiovisual equipment, the centre is equipped to host a wide range of activities including committee meetings, educational seminars, training workshops, filming and multimedia production, equipment testing and experimental research.

Facilities include:

  • a 90 sqm training lab, with teaching table monitored by closed-circuit video, and 10 laparoscopic towers
  • 5 skills laboratories, each 30-55 sqm
  • 2 immersive learning suites, providing high-fidelity simulations of operating theatre and emergency room environments
  • a communication skills room
  • a debriefing room
  • seminar rooms
  • staff offices
  • extensive audiovisual and videoconferencing facilities