Clinical Titles

Clinical teaching and interaction with students is a rewarding activity and the Faculty of Medicine and Health prides itself on the high caliber clinical teaching it offers.

Regular clinical tutors are able, and encouraged, to apply for academic titles through the Clinical School and to take advantage of the benefits these titles offer, including library support and access to the University’s online journal library.

Clinical titles are awarded to those who have made recent commitments to regular teaching activities and who will continue these teaching activities throughout the duration of their title. Relevant teaching can include the supervision of students in a clinical setting, small group teaching (such as communication tutorials and bedside teaching), delivering lectures, and coordination of blocks or themes (eg. Population Health).

Teaching and research titles are awarded for a period of one year and all titles are renewable.


These guidelines seek to provide clarity around the criteria for the appointment and re-appointment of academic titles and outline the Faculty’s expectation of those that hold a title. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the University’s Honorary Titles Policy and SMS’s Academic Workload Policy.

NOTE: The appointment of conjoint title holders is not covered by these guidelines. Performance standards applied are equivalent to University salaried academic staff and are outlined in the SMS Academic Workload Policy and associated Guidelines for Performance Management.


A checklist for applicants for appointment or reappointment of clinical academic and research academic title holders has been created by the Faculty. This checklist (see Appendix 1 of the above guidelines), has been created so applicants can record performance. This completed checklist should accompany the Honorary academic title nomination and appointment form for new nominations.

For renewal or re-appointment, the checklist should be completed specifying contributions made during the current term of appointment. The renewal or re-appointment should be supported by both relevant Head of Discipline and Head of School.

All enquiries or requests for Application for Clinical Title Forms, should be directed to Sarah-Jane Hartnett at , or on (02) 9926 4651.

Clinical titles are awarded at various levels ranging from ‘Associate’ to ‘Professor’. You may note the level of title you wish to have considered on the form, for assessment by the Clinical School’s Associate Dean,