Tutor Information

The Sydney Medical School - Northern has state-of-the-art teaching facilities in the Kolling building on the Royal North Shore Campus and education centres in Hornsby-Kuringai Hospital and Manly Hospital. Northern clinical teaching programs are also run at several hospitals in the northern Sydney area. At all sites the Clinical School has a reputation for the excellence of its clinical teachers and we hope to maintain this into the future. Teaching of medical history taking, communication and physical examination skills at the bedside is a key component of the University of Sydney Medical Program (USydMP) and tutors are recruited for students in all years. In third and fourth year tutors are also needed in other activities such as clinical reasoning sessions, bedside tutorials, ethical discussions, online work and assessment. Although there is no remuneration for teaching, there are other benefits including the opportunity to apply for a clinical title.

There is an Education Support Officer(ESO) with administrative responsibility for each part of the course and they are the first point of contact both for tutors and for students. The ESO provides tutors with support, with resources to assist in the preparation and running of tutorials and with student feedback. The ESO also assist tutors by scheduling teaching times, allocating student groups (where applicable), providing a tutorial room if required and providing parking tickets/taxi vouchers for patients that may come in.

Educational advice or assistance with development of teaching skills can be arranged through the Sub Dean (Education). Please contact A/Prof Kirsty Foster on 9926 4658 or for more details.