Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) Tutors / PEARLS

Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) Tutors / PEARLS (Presenting Evidence Abstracted from the Research Literature for the Solution – to real patients’ problems)

During third year all students must make a presentation to their peers (and two tutors) demonstrating their ability to formulate a clinical question, search and appraise the appropriate literature and apply it to a particular patient’s case. EBM tutors supervise and guide the students in groups of 3 – 6 as they work through this process.

Each student usually attends three tutorials prior to their presentation. Tutors also act as assessors at the presentations ensuring a consistent standard and giving constructive feedback. The aim of this activity is to encourage an on-going evidence-based approach to medicine and to develop confidence and competence in presenting scientific material.

The Coordinator for EBM at Northern is:

Clinical Associate Professor Ross Hansen
phone: 02 9463 2313