Population Medicine Theme Tutors

The aim of this theme is to extend the students’ focus beyond the hospital and towards a wider community perspective. The role of tutors is to educate doctors about the importance of working with other professional and community groups on health promotion, disease prevention and alleviation of disease within a population.

Tutoring includes developing the students understanding of the levels of prevention, detection of disease and related interventions which inevitably contribute to broad public policy. The study of population medicine issues includes developing the skills and knowledge needed to identify determinants of disease, measure the level of health and ill-health in populations and sub-population and to recommend and implement strategies for the promotion and maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of ill-health in populations.

Tutors are required to be able to draw on experience and understanding of interventions that extend beyond the health sector, including acknowledgement of the social economic, cultural and behavioural factors in disease, both at individual and population levels. Some expertise or experience in public health or community health is advantageous.

Population Medicine is an on-line course with one face to face plenary session per module. Assessment is based upon required postings per module (usually 4 per annum) overseen by tutors, formative on-line Single Best Answer questions (SBAs) and a final summative assessment overseen through the School of Public Health with input from tutors as required.

The Coordinator for Population Medicine at Northern is:

Dr Chris Roberts
phone: 02 9477 9136