Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is for a global community where everyone’s needs for good health and wellbeing are met. Our vision extends to those with the greatest need, who would benefit most from improved health and reduced inequalities.


Our mission is to lead improvements in health, wellbeing and equity in Australia and worldwide by:

  • contributing to the definition of public health problems and clinical epidemiology
  • advancing and disseminating knowledge in public health and clinical epidemiology to inform policy and practice
  • understanding the social, cultural, political, economic and ethical context of health problems and solutions
  • promoting action through policy and interventions that focus on systems, places and markets, as well as on individuals and their behaviours
  • excelling in evaluation to improve health policy and practice

We will do this by providing high quality, accessible education, conducting outstanding, high impact research and working in partnership to translate knowledge into policy, action and evaluation. Where possible we will use the latest technology and media to extend our reach, accessibility and impact in communities well beyond our own vicinity.


Our School values innovation, justice and respect for others. The pursuit of our vision and mission requires integrity, rigorous social and scientific enquiry, and a collegiate environment. Our School is committed to:

  • our staff – providing a happy, diverse and supportive work environment
  • our students - stimulating engaged learning that encourages critical thinking - about old and new ideas, and a culture that promotes originality and honesty
  • our communities – staying connected with communities both by sharing our knowledge widely and by communicating directly with those who stand to benefit most, including through contemporary information technology and advancement of open access publication of our research.
  • our profession – the advancement of public health and its constituent disciplines, including participating in all activities that support the peer review system and advancement of ideas
  • our partners – working in partnership with government, non-government and other agencies, both within and outside health, to increase the effectiveness and impact of our work
  • financial responsibility and sustainability