Welcome from the Head of School

Every day graduates from the Sydney School of Public Health are making a difference to the lives of people in Australia and across the globe.

Public health encompasses all aspects of our lives. Whether it is at work, rest, study or play, at the dining table or on the roads, public health contributes to the promotion of well-being in our communities.

Public Health analyses and acts upon the problems that prevent us from enjoying a good healthy life. Achieving these goals comes in many forms: generating knowledge of the public health problem, advocating for change and solutions, and helping implement those changes.

Above all public health is about people – often the most vulnerable in our communities – giving them the power of education and programs which will improve their health, prevent diseases and prolong their lives.

Whatever your reason for joining the school, you can be confident that our teaching and research is driven by the common goal of achieving impact in the lives of people now and for generations into the future.

Joel Negin