Welcome from the Head of School

Public health encompasses all aspects of our lives. Whether it is at work, rest, study or play, the way we live our lives, our natural and built environment, our public institutions and what we eat connect us in a way that impacts on our collective lives and happiness.

Public Health analyses and acts upon the problems that prevent us from enjoying a good healthy life. It also promotes ways in which we can achieve justice for people no matter what their background. Achieving these goals comes in many forms: generating knowledge of the public health problem, advocating for change and solutions, and helping implement those changes.

There are some significant challenges to public health. Global warming and the changing environment, and persistent inequalities in economic and social wellbeing, mean that we need to think of broader and more inclusive approaches to solving these major threats to global health.

Whatever your reason for joining the school, you can be confident that our teaching and research is driven by the common goal of improving the health of people. Explore our website and discover the people and projects making a difference today.

Glenn Salkeld