Other Reports

Beyond behavior: a systems approach to the implementation of clinical practice guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity

Loss & Wise report cover

This report was produced by the Australian Centre for Health Promotion, in collaboration with the NSW Centre for Overweight and Obesity. View PDF

A Literature Review of the Evidence for Interventions to Address Overweight and Obesity in Adults and Older Australians

(with special reference to people living in rural and remote Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)

This literature review was prepared by the COO, in collaboration with CPAH, CPHN, the Centre for Aboriginal Health Promotion and other collaborators for the National Obesity Taskforce (NOTF), and is now published on the Australian Department of Health and Ageing website. View PDF

This document presents the findings of the literature review on effective interventions:

  • at the whole of population level
  • addressing people with established risk of weight-related chronic health problems
  • addressing overweight and obesity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • addressing overweight and obesity among rural and remote populations
  • addressing overweight and obesity in older adults

The NOTF has now published an action agenda Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians View PDF based on this project.

Reports from the NSW Centre for Public Health Nutrition

Best options for promoting healthy weight and preventing weight gain in NSW. Gill T, King L, Webb K. (2004)

Report on the weight status of NSW Gill T. et al (2003)

These reports can be downloaded from the NSW Centre for Public Health Nutrition website