Food Marketing Research

Beverage choices in fast food meal deals

Television food advertising to children

Beverage choices in fast food meal deals

Investigators: Bridget Kelly, Libby Hattersley, Melissa Irwin

This study involved analysis of the pricing, promotion and placement of different beverage types in meal deals at major fast food outlets.

King L, Kelly B, Ho J, Hattersley L. (2008) Water shortage in Australian fast food outlets. Aust NZ J Pub Health, 32(5): 492

TV food advertising

COO has been engaged in a number of studies on patterns of food advertising:

  • The use of persuasive marketing techniques in TV food advertising
  • Food advertising on Sydney commercial television, the extent and nature of exposure 2006-2007
  • Food advertising on Sydney television, the extent of children's exposure (July 2006)

This research has underpinned a number of policy submissions, see - Getting research into practice.

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