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Managing your Candidature via Sydney Student

Applications for credit for coursework units of study and candidature variations are now done via Sydney Student.

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Managing your Dissertation

Designing a study, dissertation guide, registration form, NHMRC statement on ethical conduct

Distance Study

Short Courses and Non Award Enrolments

Assessment related forms, guidelines and policies

Master of Biostatistics

Biostatistics student contact and choice of units of study form, Biostatistics Research Project guidelines

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Equipment and Facilities

Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC)

The Centre supports students who do not have the background in mathematics necessary for their Introductory Biostatistics unit of study. Staff at the Centre understand the objectives and structure of the course, and have organised their support to complement the lectures and tutorials. Students from the School of Public Health who have used the Centre in the past have been very happy with the services. There are two main ways in which the Centre can provide support:

  • The Centre has organised regular weekly sessions when their staff can help to sort out any problems you are having with concepts covered in the course. The sessions are on Thursdays @ 10:00 – 11:00 OR 16:00 – 17:00 starting in Week 3. Further details can be obtained from the Centre.
  • The Centre has handbooks that students can buy or download for free from the MLC website.

Go to and then click on publications.

Before using either of these services, students should approach Jackie Nicholas, who is the Head of the Centre, to discuss their needs. Jackie will introduce herself, and the MLC, at the first lecture. She can be contacted on 02 9351-4061. Students expecting difficulties should see Jackie as soon as possible. There are no costs involved in using the Centre. You will have to pay if you want any of their handbooks.

Please do not ask the staff at the Centre for assistance with your assessed work.