Compulsory requirements for all research students


The Board of Postgraduate Studies has resolved that all new first year research students must make a presentation in their first year of candidature, as part of their probationary period. The object of this mandatory presentation is to provide a forum for the development and support of research projects being undertaken.

In subsequent years, every full-time research student (MPhil, PhD) enrolled in the School is now expected to make a research-in-progress presentation at least once per year. Part-time students are expected to make such a presentation at least once every two years.


Each year staff representatives of the School interview all enrolled postgraduate research students regarding their progress. The purpose of the interview is to give all students the opportunity to discuss any difficulties they may be having with any aspect of their research. This could cover time-management, obtaining data or interviews with research subjects, data analysis, progress in writing drafts of chapters, access to supervisor and associate supervisor, and the quality of the relationship with their supervisors. It is not intended to be a technical or detailed review of your research.


All newly enrolled research students are required to attend at least six out of ten postgraduate seminars on issues relevant to their research candidature. The full program of ten seminars will be held every year. Participation in the seminar program will be considered as part of a student's probation assessment.

Full-time students: are required to attend six seminars over the first two (2) years of enrolment.

Part-time students: are required to attend six seminars over the first three (3) years of enrolment.

Light refreshments are served and students are encouraged to use this opportunity to network with other research students and with lecturers.

The program for 2016:Compulsory Postgraduate Seminar Program - PDF