Information technology


Medline, CINAHL, Psychinfo, Social Science Index and other relevant databases are available via the Library webpage if you are connected to the University server. You may also access them, along with other databases, via computers in the libraries.

Student Computer Labs

The Sydney School of Public Health has a large computer lab situated in Room 330 on the third floor of the Edward Ford Building (A27). The Lab, available for students studying at the School, has networked PCs with a range of word processing, spreadsheet and statistical software. Students also have access to the Physiology Computer Lab, located in the Anderson Stuart Building (F13). These labs are often booked for classes - so please check the timetables:

Computer Lab timetables

  • Timetable for access is on a printed sheet on the door of the computer lab.

Computer Support

Please contact the ICT Helpdesk :

By email

By telephone on +61 2 9351 6000
Helpdesk support is available from 8:00am to 9:00pm AEST Mondays to Fridays.

After hours access

Access to the computer lab
If you need to access the computer lab at times when the Edward Ford building is closed (most evenings and all weekend), you’ll need to get this access added to your student card. Contact the Office for Teaching and Learning in Room 329 of the Edward Ford Building to arrange this.


If you are planning to use the School's IT resources, you should also be familiar with the Policy on the use of University Information and Communication Technology Resources.

You may also find these documents useful resources:

For Research Students Only

A desk and computer of your own

If you are a full-time PhD student the School endeavours to provide you with an office space with a desk and computer while part-time students are generally based at their place of employment or work from home. All students are given free email and web access, including links to all University libraries and their databases.

To organise a desk space:

If you are based in the Edward Ford Building, contact:

Alison Birt
Room 320A
Edward Ford Building (A27)
Phone: +61 2 9351 4367

If you are not based in the Edward Ford Building see your supervisor to organise space.

To organise a computer, contact:

Ask your Supervisor to contact ICT about your computer needs.

By phone The ICT Helpdesk number is +61 2 9351 6000

By email

Useful Policies

It is also possible to dial-in from your own office computer. The Medical Library has the forms you need to fill in to get access to this service, but you will probably also have to see the computing support staff to make sure your computer is hooked up correctly. Contact: the ICT Helpdesk number is +61 2 9351 6000 or by email

Other databases are also available, including Cochrane reviews and internet journals. You can also set up access from home; details are available from the Library.