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Links to various materials for articles including the Diabetes Health Care Cost and corrected Height and Weight calculators:

Height and Weight correction for BMI calculation 2008

The Hayes, AJ, Clarke, PM, Lung, TWC. " Change in bias in self-reported BMI in Australia between 1995 and 2008 and the evaluation of correction equations" Pop health Metrics 2011 9:53;

Correction spreadsheet for self reported Height, Weight for BMI calculation

Australian life expectancy calculator for people with diabetes mellitus.

The below equations were developed using data from Western Australia between 1990 and 1999. The population in the analysis was comprised of diabetic patients over 35 who had any of five complications: myocardial infarction (MI), stroke, heart failure, amputation, or renal failure. See below for the excel file and article reference. Please note that this calculator is only applicable to people who have diabetes and have experienced diabetes related complications, it is NOT applicable to the general population and to diabetes who have not had complications previously.

Life Expectancy Calculator for Diabetics

Hayes, A., Leal, J., Kelman, C., Clarke, P., "Risk equations to predict life expectancy of people with Type 2 diabetes mellitus following major complications: a study from Western Australia." Diabetic Medicine (In press, accepted online 10 Nov 2010).

Height and Weight Correction for BMI Calculation

A calculator for estimating the corrected height, weight and subsequent BMI is now available below. For more detail about this calculator see the article:

Height and Weight Calculator for 1995

Hayes, A.J., Kortt, M.A., Clarke, P.M., Brandrup, J.D., (2008) "Estimating equations to correct self-reported height and weight: implications for prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australia" Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health Vol 32; 6; pp 542–545

Cost Calculator

A calculator for estimating the cost of complications of Type 2 Diabetes in Australia is now available at the following link:

Cost Calculator

Appendix containing assumptions used in Statin Cost Modelling from 2009-2019

This excel file contains a list of the assumptions used in "Expiry of patent protection on statins: effects on pharmaceutical expenditure in Australia" (as published in the MJA 2010) to estimate the cost of statins to the Australian Community.

Modelling Assumptions Appendix

Links to International Prices for Statin prescription prices:

England National Health Service Drug Prices

New Zealand Tender Results for Simvastatin

Walmart Prescription Price for Pravastatin

International Price Data for Pharmaceuticals

Below is a list of websites that contain publically available data for the wholesale prices of pharmaceuticals in various countries in the OECD.

Dispensed Prices
Price markups on wholesale price


Canada (Ontario)




New Zealand