The Physical Activity Nutrition Obesity Research Group (PANORG) at the University of Sydney has been funded by NSW Health for five years (2008-2013) to undertake policy relevant research to support public health efforts to promote physical activity, nutrition and obesity prevention across the population of NSW.

PANORG builds on work conducted by research groups previously funded by NSW Health: Centre for Physical Activity and Health, Centre for Public Health Nutrition and Centre for Overweight and Obesity.

PANORG’s research agenda is designed to be appropriate to contemporary policy and research contexts and takes account of policy information requirements, as well as gaps in the international research and evidence base.

PANORG forms part of the Prevention Research Collaboration within the Sydney School of Public Health and is linked with the Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders (Boden).

PANORG supports the work of the Centre for Health Advancement in NSW Health in addressing state and national prevention priorities and related public health goals. We seek to strengthen the capacity within NSW for promoting physical activity and nutrition and preventing obesity, through undertaking research and linking that research to policy and practice.

Strategic Directions

Our approach and work is presented in the document PANORG Strategic Directions 2008-2013.
Strategic Directions

For further information about the work of the Prevention Research Collaboration (including constituent groups CPAH and CPHN) see the PRC website.