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The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health aims to:

"… give Indigenous people decent health and reasonable life expectancy"

"…reduce, if not eradicate, a range of preventable illnesses"

"… play a key role in the delivery of practical health care to Indigenous communities"

"…undertake research, the results of which will inform the way in which Indigenous health care is delivered. The results of this work will be important in swaying public opinion to influence and rejuvenate government policy towards the very first Australians".

Mr Greg Poche, Donor for the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health


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In 2008, following a generous donation from philanthropist and Indigenous health advocate Mr Greg Poche, the Poche Centre was established by the University of Sydney within Sydney Medical School.

Mr Poche saw an obvious opportunity for the skills, expertise and resources of the University of Sydney to be directly engaged to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and for the information gained through experience and research to inform practice among the health professionals of the future – a proactive vision which lead to the creation of this landmark centre of excellence.