Influencing public policy

From its inception, the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health has been recognised as a landmark model for bringing together philanthropic interest, professional expertise and the public sector to address a proven and urgent need – Aboriginal health.

From this unique position the Poche Centre is well placed to actively inform the future directions of health service delivery for Aboriginal people. Our clinical services, education, scholarships and research will all contribute to the development of our public policy presence.

A new initiative, the Poche Key Thinkers Forum, meets twice each year. It includes experts, policy makers, community members and practitioners.


The Poche Centre held its first Key Thinkers Forum on Wednesday 3 July 2013. The topic of the forum was 'Fly in, fly out, what's your opinion?' The result of the forum was the first of the Poche Opinions. Please see here for the first Poche Opinion.

The second Key Thinkers Forum was held on Friday 15 November 2013. The topic of the forum was 'Chronic Disease Management- how best to deal with the ever more complicated environment we work in'. Please see here for our second Poche Opinion.

The third Key Thinkers Forum was held on Friday 11 July 2014. The topic of the forum was 'Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use: What’s the evidence, what’s working, what’s not and what are the issues and opportunities for the future?'. Please see here for our third Poche Opinion.

Note: When we refer to 'Fly in, fly out' we are referring to short term clinics by specialists and health care providers, roles are not otherwise located in the community. This is as distinct from 'locums', which are positions that would ordinarily be filled by someone in the community and tend to be longer term.


Do you think fly in/fly out services work?