We have an engaged enquiry approach.

One of the core activities of the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health is to fund high quality research to inform our clinical practice and contribute to knowledge about improving Aboriginal health.

We analyse the impact, outcomes and cost-effectiveness of the services we provide. We have also established research collaborations which contribute to knowledge in areas related to our strategy and intent. A key outcome from our research is publications in peer-reviewed journals, community reports, conference proceedings, books and other documents.

Research areas

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The Poche Centre focuses on the following areas:

  • Health economics
  • Oral health
  • Trans-disciplinary allied health practice
  • Program evaluation
  • Community capacity building
  • Children's health, including social and emotional well-being
  • E-medicine
  • Culturally competent service delivery.

Supporting research

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We support research by:

  • Funding research projects
  • Providing scholarships
  • Supporting PhD students and post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Developing alliances with research teams
  • Supporting the Aboriginal Researchers in Aboriginal Health symposiums
  • Seeking the advice of the Poche Executive Academic Working Group
  • Hosting Aboriginal health research forums
  • Working with joint collaborations.

 The Poche Centre provides support for the following:

The George Institute for Global Health Australia
Led by Associate Professor Stephen Jan
Scholarship - Blake Angell

School of Public Health, University of Sydney
Led by Professor Sandra Eades
Post Doc Fellow in Health Economics – Dr Michael Otim
Post Doc Fellow in Public Health - to be appointed

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney
Led by Professor Michelle Lincoln
Post Doc Fellow – to be appointed

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney
Led by Professor Anthony Blinkhorn
Post Doc Fellow – Michelle Irving

Faculty of Nursing, University of Sydney
Led by Professor Sally Tracy
Scholarship – Tanya Martin
Post Doc Fellow - Donna Hartz

The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Led by Professor Elizabeth Elliott
Scholarships – BarbaraLucas and Pip Dossetor                                                                  

Executive Academic Working Group

The Poche Centre has an Executive Academic Working Group which meets twice each year to advise the Poche Centre on our research program and progress.

Aboriginal Health Research Seminars

The Poche Centre is working with the School of Public Health to present Aboriginal researchers, in discussion about the work they are doing.