PRC is involved in providing technical and research-based advice to inform public health policy and programs. This occurs in a variety of ways, including: submissions to policy inquiries and formal consultation processes; rapid advice to NSW Health on specific issues; review of monitoring and other documents for NSW Health; and technical assistance for evaluation and program development with staff from NSW Health and health services.

Policy consultancy

  • Review for the Sax Institute: Front-of-pack food labelling.
    This comprehensive review was conducted in 2011. (Hector D, King L, Kelly B. 2011; unpublished report)
  • Review for the Sax Institute: Community level strategies to reduce weight gain and obesity
    This review identified programs that are likely to be effective in preventing obesity when delivered at an Area Health Service level. The report summarised behaviours that have the best potential to prevent obesity in different age groups, and identifies the most promising interventions for achieving these changes in behaviours. The report also made recommendations regarding the strategies that are likely to be of most value to Area Health Services. (Gill T, King L, Hector D, Hattersley L, Farrell L, Chau J. 2007)
  • National Evakuation for the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH)
    PRC is working with ARTD Consultants on a contracted project to develop an evaluation framework for the NPAPH, from February 2012.
  • NPAPH Health Communities Quality Framework Registration and Information Portal
    PRC is working with QMS Consultants on this project.