Related websites

Evidence-based health information for consumers

  • Best Treatments - 'Clinical evidence for patients from the BMJ'
  • DIPEX ‘Database of Patient Experiences’ – Contains video clips of patient stories a range of conditions. Over 50 stories are collected for each module and systematically pulled together to represent a range of experiences.
  • Informed Health Online – Summaries of the best available research in plain language. Produced by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare, Germany
  • Ottawa Health Research Institute – A range of patient decision aids produced by this Canadian Research Group.
  • HealthInsite - Australian Government’s Health Information website for consumers
  • Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne – An excellent resource for child and adolescent health matters
  • ABC Health Matters - Well-researched stories about important health issues in the community
  • DISCERN – A checklist for you to use in assessing the quality of health information

Evidence-based health information for practitioners

  • The Cochrane Library – Database of systematic reviews of randomised controlled trial of treatments
  • Medline via PubMed - Free access to abstracts and some fulltext copies of primary studies in the medical journals.
  • Bandolier - A website and monthly journal about Evidence-based Health Care

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