Decision resources

This section of the website contains a number of our evidence-based decision tools. They come in a range of formats and can be used by consumers and health practitioners alike. Many of these tools are decision aids, some are websites, others are files for you to download. There are also links to clinical practice guidelines that we have developed and there is even an e-book.

Apart from these decision resources, our group as been increasingly involved in communicating about evidence-based decision-making via the media and several of our media stories are available on the Publications and media reports section of this website.

Please feel free to use these resources in your own practice. If you are a researcher we would appreciate acknowledgement of our work in subsequent publication and use.

Links to decision resources from other groups

In addition to our own decision resources, there are many other groups who have developed and published tools that you may find useful for making health decisions. We have assembled the following list of websites to make it easier for people looking for resources, but have not completed a quality check on these.

If you want to do your own quality assessment on any decision resources you may wish to refer to the International Patient Decision Aids Standards (IPDAS) and their resources.

General Decision Resources
Specific Decision Resources
Child Health
Mental Health
Decision Resources For Developers
Decision Resources in other languages