Geriatric Pharmacology Research Team

Lab head: A/Prof Sarah Hilmer
Location: Royal North Shore Hospital

Isoniazid hepatotoxicity in old age: prevalence and mechanisms

Primary supervisor: Sarah Hilmer

Isoniazid is an antibiotic commonly used to treat tuberculosis. Isoniazid therapy is associated with raised liver function tests in 10-20% of patients and rarely with idiosyncratic serious hepatotoxicity, for which metabolic risk factors have been identified. The risk of drug induced liver disease with isoniazid treatment increases in old age, despite a decrease in Phase I hepatic metabolism, which theoretically reduces formation of the toxic metabolite.   This project involves a clinical audit of patients from a tuberculosis clinic to investigate the incidence and risk factors associated with isoniazid toxicity.  It will also involve studies of livers from young and old rats treated with toxic doses of isoniazid to investigate the age-associated mechanisms of toxicity.

Discipline: Pharmacology