Geriatric Pharmacology Research Team

Lab head: A/Prof Sarah Hilmer
Location: Royal North Shore Hospital

Warfarin management in adverse outcomes in older people with atrial fibrillation

Primary supervisor: Sarah Hilmer

Anticoagulation is indicated for people with atrial fibrillation to prevent stroke.  However, adverse events such as ischaemic and haemorrhagic strokes are common in patients taking warfarin, especially in older people.  This project investigates the role of warfarin management in these adverse events in patients aged ≥65 years with atrial fibrillation who have an ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke.  (1) Audit medical records, record whether patients were prescribed warfarin at the time of the stroke, and if so, the INR.  (2) Prospective study of inpatients to investigate issues around warfarin management using validated tools.  (3) Apply risk assessment tools to this population to investigate whether newer anticoagulants may be appropriate.

Discipline: Pharmacology