Neuropathology Unit - Dementia, Neurodegeneration, Ageing

Lab head: Jillian Kril
Location: Blackburn Building, Camperdown

Our laboratory focuses upon understanding the effects of ageing and dementia.

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Lab members: J Kril (head)

The role of smoking in Neurodegeneration

Primary supervisor: Jillian Kril

The effects of smoking on cancer and cardiovascular disease are well known but less attention has been given to its potential role in brain dysfunction and neurodegeneration.  One of the difficulties in determining the effect of smoking on the human brain is that it is often been combined with another known neurotoxin, alcohol. Our laboratory has a major interest in alcohol-related brain damage and we are keen to explore the independent and additive effects of smoking on brain atrophy. This project will combine epidemiological studies with laboratory-based techniques such as immunohistochemistry and quantitative real time PCR to characterise cell density and myelin-related targets in post-mortem brain tissue from alcoholics and controls.

Discipline: Pathology
Co-supervisors: Greg Sutherland
Keywords: Alcohol