Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Lab head: Dr Cliffton Chan
Location: Lidcombe, Cumberland Campus, University of Sydney

Upper Limb Hypermobility In University Instrumental Musicians

Primary supervisor: Cliffton Chan

Reference to the presence of upper limb joint hypermobility in instrumental musicians is common place in music medicine literature.  In one large group of university and professional musicians, the prevalence of hypermobility in at least one joint of the upper extremity was reported to be 33%.  Whether this joint hypermobility is congenital or environmental (achieved through consistent stretching), is unknown. Also unknown is whether this condition is an asset or a hindrance to performance.  In a study of 1,300 musicians, ranging from students to professionals, forearm, wrist or hand pain was reported in 35% of females and 17% of males who demonstrated significant joint hypermobility.  This may imply that hypermobility is associated with musculoskeletal pain in some musicians.

This study will investigate upper limb joint hypermobility in university instrumental music students, its laterality, and its effects on pain, function and instrumental performance measures.

Discipline: Biomedical Sciences
Co-supervisors: Leslie Nicholson
Keywords: Musculoskeletal diseases, Occupational health, Sports medicine