Lipid Metabolism Laboratory

Lab head: Dr Andrew Hoy
Location: Charles Perkins Centre

The Lipid Metabolism Laboratory investigates the mechanisms linking perturbed lipid metabolism and a range of pathologies. Currently, our primary interests are in insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes/obesity and cancer including breast, pancreatic and prostate, particularly how these cancers behave differently in an obese patient vs a lean patient. The lab located in The Hub, Charles Perkins Centre where the following projects will be available.

Lab members: A Hoy (head)

Novel proteins involved in fatty liver and insulin resistance

Primary supervisor: Andrew Hoy

Insulin resistance is a unifying feature of the metabolic syndrome. The liver is an early site of perturbed insulin action and a critical regulator of whole body glucose and lipid homeostasis. The lipid droplet is the major site for storage of lipids and the movement of stored lipids out of this reservoir is highly regulated. We have recently identified proteins that locate to the lipid droplet whose abundance is altered in fatty liver and insulin resistance using innovative mass spectrometry and bioinformatic approaches.

In this project these highly novel candidate targets will be characterised using techniques including cutting-edge microscopy, cell culture, biochemical and radiometric metabolic analysis, and genetic manipulation.

Discipline: Physiology
Keywords: Liver, Lipid metabolism, Insulin resistance