Centre for Diabetes, Obesity and Endocrinology, Westmead Millennium Institute, University of Sydney

Lab head: Prof Jenny Gunton
Location: Westmead Millennium Institute

Lab members: Prof Jenny Gunton Dr Michael Swarbrick, Dr Christian Girgis, Dr Sue Mei Lau Ms Rebecca Stokes
Funding: NHMRC, JDRF
Research approach equipment: Various. Full lab.

Muscle stem cells and vitamin D

Primary supervisor: Jenny Gunton

Muscle wasting and weakness (sarcopaenia) is associated with decreased life expectancy and poor quality of life, whether occurring with old age or with muscular dystrophies. There are, as yet, no effective treatments.

Using genetically modified mice, this project will identify the role of vitamin D in muscle development, function and regeneration with injury.

Discipline: Applied Medical Sciences, Westmead
Co-supervisors: Christian Girgis
Keywords: Muscle strength, Musculoskeletal diseases, vitamin D