Neurodegenerative, neuromucular and motor physiology group

Lab head: Professor Steve Vucic
Location: Sceinces Corridor, Rms 2174-2176 Westmead Hopsital

Lab members: Professor Steve Vucic Dr Parvathi Menon Dr Nimeshan Geevasinga Dr Mehdi van den Bos Mrs Linda Mekhel Mrs Juliey Ryder, Mrs Mary Benjamin
Funding: NHMRC, MNDRIA, Brain foundation
Research approach equipment: Our research group researches the pathophysiological processes underlying degenerative and inflammatory neurological diseases as well as the physiology of movement and cortical plasticity. The main focus of our group is in understanding the causes of motor neuron diseases and developing novel therapies. Professor Vucic innovated a novel method for assessing cortical function, termed threshold tracking transcranial magnetic stimulation, which the group utilises to study different motor neuron diseases and other neurological diseases. In addition, our group also investigates peripheral nerve function using novel axonal excitability techniques in metabolic, inflammatory, and infiltrative peripheral nerve diseases. In addition, our group has expertise in central inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis. We conduct clinical trials, and undertake dry and wet laboratory research, including molecular and genomic studies. Separately, the group has an interest and expertise in understanding the processes mediating movement in adult humans. This is focussed on using transcranial magnetic stimulation as well as EEG, nerve conduction and tremor studies. Further, we use various techniques for manipulating cortical function and altering cortical plasticity.

For relevant publications see the uploaded CV.

Brain plasticity using tDCS in healthy controls and neurodegenerative diseases.

Primary supervisor: Steve Vucic

Cortical dysfunction is an important mediator of human diseases. This project will use TDCs, a device for altering brain plasticity, in order to further probe the processes involved in human diseases and in the controlling of human movement.

Discipline: Applied Medical Sciences, Westmead
Co-supervisors: Parvathi Menon
Keywords: Nervous system, Nervous system diseases