International Students

Sydney Medical School welcomes students from all over the world to study in our MD program, to undertake postgraduate degrees by research and coursework. We are committed to maintaining a strong international focus in our education programs and in our research, and the Faculty and University as a whole strive to provide strong support to ensure that our international student get the most out of their university experience at Sydney.

International Graduates

International Researchers

We have a strong focus on our international medical research; with more than 40 percent of our publications have international collaborators. This is supported by a range of enabling disciplines across the Medical School in areas of clinical research, medical sciences and public health.

Global Connections

Both Sydney Medical School and the School of Public Health maintain very strong links with many international research institutions, universities and hospitals that facilitate exchanges and placements international locations. These elective programs are excellent educational tools that allow students to widen the scope of their education and give them a chance to put their learned skills into practice with hands-on experience. Students can use this opportunity to build networks and gain experience in a country where they want to practise in the future. For more information on elective opportunities please visit the Office of Global Health website.

Flexible study

We recognise that many international students in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, who wish to move back home at the conclusion of their study in Australia, it is beneficial to gain experience and networks in medicine in their country of origin. Therefore we allow our international students to apply to undertake study or elective units in their home countries for some teaching blocks. For more information on flexible study please visit MD flexible study arrangements page.


Sydney Medical School maintain an excellent reputation as a world class education institution, maintaining in 2013 its impressive international rankings. In 2013-14 The University of Sydney was ranked 17th in the QS World Rankings in Medicine and in the Times Higher Education, Sydney was ranked 25th in Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health. These results underpin our philosophy of training rational, compassionate health care and medical researchers and practitioners of the highest quality.

Meet our students

Sean Hassan

Sean Hassan, Canada
Doctor of Medicine

"I am taught by amazing clinicians who encourage me to pursue the path that I am most passionate about. Studying at the University of Sydney has equipped me to be the master of my own medical degree and training."

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