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Two allied health professionals walking down a corridor in the hospital
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Postgraduate medicine and health courses

Advance your career with a postgraduate degree
Our courses are taught by experts in their field and will give you the skills and knowledge to work at a high level in the healthcare industry.

After completing your bachelor’s or honours degree you may wish to pursue further studies to help you advance your career or choose a new career path. There are several different postgraduate coursework options you can elect to undertake, from short courses, graduate diplomas and certificates to a master’s degree. 

Our degrees by coursework include options in pharmacy, dentistry, public health, surgery, several medical and nursing specialties, as well as many areas of health sciences. Each degree will give you greater understanding and exposure to your chosen field with research, practical and clinical components, helping you to become a more advanced healthcare practitioner.

Whether you're a current undergraduate student, planning a career change into health or you're already working in a health field and looking to advance, we have a program to suit your professional and personal aspirations.

Postgraduate course options

A graduate entry master's degree is an intensive study program that focuses on developing health professionals who are work ready. You will graduate with a professional qualification in just two years, equipped with leadership capabilities, clinical skills and the human understanding to make a big difference in the lives of individuals and communities in Australia and around the world.

Find out more about our graduate entry master's degrees in pharmacy, nursing and allied health. 

We offer postgraduate courses to students from both health and non-health backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in public health.

Find out more about our public health degrees.

Our Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Medicine programs are excellent training platforms on which to build a career in medicine and dentistry. Our graduates provide professional, diligent and ethical care to the community. Find out more:

We offer advanced postgraduate degrees for healthcare professionals looking to specialise or advance their career. 

We also offer a range of postgraduate medicine and health degrees that are open to students who are from a relevant discipline and looking to undertake further training or to students who are interested in moving into a health discipline. 

Find out more about our postgraduate courses for health professionals

These specialist master’s degrees in health are offered in conjunction with other faculties at the University.

Faculty of Science 
The University of Sydney Law School 
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
Faculty of Health Sciences