About Sydney Health Ethics

Sydney Health Ethics is a centre for academic research, for teaching and learning in bioethics and the medical humanities, and for ethical consultation and discussion. We aim to stimulate creative thought, dialogue and action. Our work engages different disciplinary perspectives and fosters a community based on collegiality and critical inquiry.

Research and Teaching

action shot at VELiM

Sydney Health Ethics' research activities span many areas and disciplines of scholarship and research including but not limited to:

  • public health ethics
  • experience of illness and healthcare
  • ethics of science and biotechnology
  • philosophy of medicine, science, language and knowledge
  • ethical, socio-political and epistemic aspects of public discourse about science and medicine
  • ethics of patient care, health services and health policy
  • medical humanities
  • research ethics

Teaching and learning occurs through innovative study programs in Bioethics and Qualitative Health Research including a range of short course options; supervision and mentoring of higher degree research students and early career researchers; dialogue and collaboration between academics.


Sydney Health Ethics provides a range of services to the University and wider community, including consultancy, information to the media, community services, provision of resources, public advocacy and professional advice.

Community Engagement

Community is an important feature of what the Sydney Health Ethics is and does. We engage with the community and place ourselves within it. In doing so we recognise that ‘the community’ is really composed of many different communities – each with its own values, beliefs, languages, customs, ideals and interests. These communities are always the beginning and end of our work – be it research into the experience of people undergoing transplant or trying to understand the risk of cancer, or projects aimed at providing educational resources to patients, consumers, health professional and policy-makers.

Dr Julie Mooney-Somers speaking at a Women Say Something event about SWASH, the Sydney Women and Sexual Health survey; February 2012