Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine


The Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELiM) is a research and teaching centre within the School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney.

Since our establishment in 1995, we have become one of the largest bioethics centres in Australia and internationally.

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Our team includes academics, research fellows and research students working on a wide range of ethical issues. These include public health ethics, clinical ethics, research ethics, animal ethics, the ethics of biotechnology including genetic technology and genomics, and the ethics of drug policy and development.

VELiM also has a long history of conducting empirical social science research, often informed by and informing ethical questions. We have a thriving program of empirical and theoretical research funded by the NHMRC, ARC and other sources.

We teach two postgraduate coursework programs, Qualitative Health Research (until 2015) and Bioethics (ongoing).

Latest Publications

(VELiM authors in bold)

Mooney-Somers J., Olsen A., Ethical review and qualitative research competence: Guidance for reviewers and applicants. Research Ethics 1747016116677636, first published on November 30, 2016

Hor, S.-y., C. Hooker, R. Iedema, M. Wyer, G. L. Gilbert, C. Jorm and M. V. N. O'Sullivan (2016). Beyond hand hygiene: a qualitative study of the everyday work of preventing cross-contamination on hospital wards. BMJ Quality & Safety. Published Online First: 30 November 2016

Mooney-Somers J, Kolstee J, Deacon R, Haidar S, Moralee J, Price K., 2016, Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer (LBQ) Women’s Tobacco Reduction Project Community Report Online Survey Findings, Sydney, ACON and VELiM, University of Sydney. ISBN: 978-1-74210-393-8

Harper C., Ghinea N., Lipworth W., The Right to Health: Implications for the funding of medicines in Australia, J Law Medicine, in press accepted 18 November 2016


Ghinea, N., Kerridge, I., Little, M., Lipworth W., Challenges to the validity of using medicine labels to categorise clinical behaviour: an empirical and normative critique of ‘off-label’ prescribing, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. doi: 10.1111/jep.12673. Published 14 November 2016

Schopper, D., R. Ravinetto, L. Schwartz, E. Kamaara, S. Sheel, M. J. Segelid, A. Ahmad, A. Dawson, J. Singh, A. Jesani and R. Upshur (2016). Research Ethics Governance in Times of Ebola Public Health Ethics. Published 1 November 2016

Purdy S, Little M, Mayes C, Lipworth W. Debates about conflict of interest in medicine: Deconstructing a divided discourse. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. In Press. Accepted Oct 2016

Ghinea, N., W. Lipworth, R. Day, A. Hill, G. J. Dore and M. Danta Importation of generic hepatitis C therapies: bridging the gap between price and access in high-income countries. The Lancet. Published 07 November 2016

Williams JH and SM Carter (2016). An empirical study of the ‘underscreened’ in organised cervical screening: experts focus on increasing opportunity as a way of reducing differences in screening rates. BMC Medical Ethics 17(1): 56.

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