Professor Angus Dawson

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Angus Dawson (PhD) was previously at the University of Birmingham, UK. His background is in philosophy, but he has specialised in teaching ethics to health care professionals and medical students for over fifteen years. His main research interests are in public health ethics, research ethics and the relationship between empirical evidence and moral arguments. He was joint founder and is joint Editor-in-Chief of the journal Public Health Ethics and a member of a number of other journal advisory boards including those of Bioethics, the Journal of Applied Philosophy and the Monash Bioethics Review. He has been involved in ethics and policy work for the World Health Organization, the UK's Department of Health, the US's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Médecins Sans Frontières and the GAVI Alliance. He has been editor or co-editor of five collections of original papers mainly on topics in public health ethics, including (with Marcel Verweij) Prevention, Ethics, & Public Health, Oxford University Press (2007) and Dawson, A. (ed.) Public Health Ethics: Key Concepts and Issues in Policy and Practice, Cambridge University Press (2011).

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Associate Professor Stacy Carter

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Stacy is an NH&MRC Career Development Fellow. Her research focuses on the ethics of public health. She is currently working on: normative dimensions of screening, especially cancer screening; overdiagnosis and too much medicine; de-prescribing in older people; relational conceptions of paternalism; normative dimensions of health promotion; methodology for empirical bioethics; and deliberative methods. Stacy is a qualitative researcher, and supervises a range of empirical public health ethics projects. She has a particular interest and expertise in grounded theory.

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