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General Enquiries

T: +612 9845 8938
F: +612 9891 3749
Level 2, Clinical Sciences Corridor
C24 - Westmead Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

School Staff

Role Staff Role Staff

Head of School

Professor Tania Sorrell


Deputy Head of School

Professor Richard Allen

Head of Genearl Practice

Professor Tim Usherwood


Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Andrew Bleasal

Executive Assistant to HOS

Karen Robertson


School Manager

Amanda Burke

Postgraduate Administration Officer

Naomi Hollier   Tutor Liaison Officer Lynne Gallaty

Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Dr Robyn Dalziell


Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Dr Amanda Harrison

Education Support Officer
Stage 3 & PRINT Block

Izam Mujir

  Education Support Officer
Electives & Stage 3

Angela Wallace

Education Support Officer, Stage 2 & Clinical Skills Co-ordinator Jerome Fernandez   Education Support Officer
Stage 1 & PWH Block
Margaret Fernandes

Project Officer

Sophie Cher


Finance Manager

Sam Saha

Finance Officer

Anu Srinath


Administration Officer, Finance

Rekha Ravi-Indran

Specialty Block Administrators

Role Administrator Role Administrator

Community Block

Joy Matthew-Stubbs


PWH Block

Margaret Fernandes

Child & Adolescent Block

Vikki Cheetham


PAAM Block



Role Academic Role Academic

Postgraduate Student Co-ordinator

Prof Steve Vucic


Postgraduate Contacts

Link to PG page

Head of Department, Surgery

Prof Henry Pleass


Head of Department, Medicine

Prof Jenny Gunton

MD Project Contact

Prof Nick Manolios


MD Project Contact

Prof David Booth