Camden Seminar Series- Double Edition!

17 July 2014

Katherine Ashley, presenting a talk as part of her PhD at The University of Sydney 'The Socio-Economic Impact of Improved Forage Availability and Animal Health Knowledge on Cattle Production in Cambodia'. Whilst smallholder livestock extension programs have been shown to improve farmer engagement and animal production traits, the socio-economic impact of these interventions has yet to be fully investigated. This study looks at the results of a socio-economic survey conducted in rural Cambodia in 2012 where smallholder cattle production farmers involved in an ACIAR funded project were interviewed at the end of a 5 year extension program to determine improvements to farmer income and time savings as a result of project involvement. Dr. Russell Bush, Senior Lecturer in Livestock Production,will be presenting a talk titled:'Engaging smallholder large ruminant producers to improve food security: lessons from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Pakistan' Smallholder livestock extension programs improve farmer engagement and contribute to improved food security. The successful introduction of multiple interventions, including participatory training, has resulted in measurable gains in beef (kg/head and ADG) and milk production (L/head) in the Mekong and Pakistan respectively.

Time: 1.00pm

Location: LKCC- Lecture Theatre

Cost: Free

Contact: Melanie

Email: 5d073c56193e32773b3f305f212947232f3b4a4d5f0a1741440746