Alumni Workplace Mentor Program

Alumni Workplace Mentors

The Alumni Workplace Mentor Program supports students and new graduates as they transition from the classroom to the workplace. Our mentors are experienced, knowledgeable and very passionate about supporting students as they embark on their careers.

If you're a student or new graduate looking for a mentor, you can decide which mentor you'd like to connect with. Just choose from the following list, and click on their name or photo to send them an email.

Letetia Gibbs

We thought you might like to find out more about the process of being a mentor, so we asked one of our mentors a few questions ...
Speaking with Letetia Gibbs

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Christie Boehm

I have been working at RPA Hospital for 16 years and I am currently working as a clinical nurse specialist in cardiology. I have had the opportunity to experience a number of roles including management and education. I have been a preceptor to nursing students rotating through the hospital, as well as a clinical facilitator which I really enjoyed.

Jess Butler

I am a clinical nurse specialist working in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore hospital. I love working in the critical care environment, and have experience in multiple ICU specialties. I am passionate about nursing education and enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with others.

Hau Ling Chan

Hello, my name is Hau Ling Chan (or Carolyn) and I am a fourth year registered nurse. I completed my graduate program at Campbelltown Hospital, doing rotations in ED and paediatrics. After my new grad year I returned to ED and have worked there ever since.

Connie Chang

It’s my great pleasure to share my experience with beginners in nursing. In the nine years of my nursing career I have worked in private dental clinics overseas, gastro and renal medical, respiratory medical, and intensive care. I am currently working full time in the coronary care unit at St George Private Hospital as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I am also a casual clinical facilitator for undergraduate nursing students. I hope your encounter with me will be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Sarah Chung

I graduated with Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing degrees in 2009 and Master of Nursing(Hons) in 2010. Since completing my new graduate program in St George Hospital, I have stayed in haematology. My main interest is cancer nursing and research. I am currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing to specialise in this area. Having recently graduated and gone through the challenges in transition, I hope I can support your journey in nursing.

Peter Fleming

I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2000 with my BN. For the past 12 years I have worked in mental health and I also have experience in drug and alcohol. I worked in in-patient for three years, also with some time working in a methadone clinic. For the past nine years I have worked in community mental health. This has been on teams that combine case management with a crisis team role. I am an accredited person under the NSW Mental Health Act.

David Fulton

I am a hospital trained nurse with almost 30 years experience. Most of my professional career has been in cardiothoracic intensive care as both a clinical nurse specialist and cinical nurse educator. I currently work in the Central Clinical School based at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital as a Clinical Skills Coordinator for Sydney Medical School. I also continue to work regularly in the intensive care service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Letetia Gibbs

I’m here to help you transition from university to the workplace with the confidence and skills to do your job well. My background in nursing and midwifery includes more than 20 years’ experience in women’s and children’s health and I am currently employed as a clinical nurse specialist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s Newborn Care Unit. I am a graduate of the University of Sydney myself and I understand what it is like to enter the hospital system for the first time.

Angela Heenan

I look forward to the opportunity to help and support you as you transition into the workplace. As for me, I'm a solicitor on the Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal, where I have worked on several high profile cases which are often about things that go wrong in the hospital. My career in health began in 1982; I trained at Westmead Hospital before studying Law. I know about the importance of documenting your activities, covering yourself legally and standing up for yourself when you know you are doing things the right way, rather than being bullied into short-cuts.

Stephanie Irwin

I commenced my new graduate program at the Sutherland Hospital in 1996, and then settled into the ICU/CCU from 1997 to 2001. Following my honours experience I moved on to two research positions in 2001–2002 for SESAHS and SWSAHS. Missing patient contact, I moved back to cardiology, this time at Liverpool Hospital, to another area I feel strongly about – patient education. I remain a coordinator at the Liverpool Hospital Cardiac Ambulatory Services. The most important lesson I have learned – if in doubt ask, there is no such thing as a silly question.

Rachel Jones

I began working in RPA Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 22 years ago as an RN, CM from the UK. Since then I have predominantly stayed within the specialty of perinatal medicine working in clinical, educational and research roles in many different hospitals. I am now working back in RPA NICU as a lactation specialist never forgetting what it is like to be the 'new kid on the block'.

Peter King

I trained at Sydney Hospital, the Royal Hospital for Women, Paddington (Midwifery) and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) degree at the University of Sydney (Merit listed) and a postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing at UWS. I have considerable experience in adult and paediatric acute care, and clinical experience in alcohol and other drug work, and acute and community mental health. Recently I have worked in the Refugee Health Service and the Early Psychosis Program in the Macarthur. I have been nursing for 40 years.

Shailendra Kumar

I currently work at Liverpool ICU where I have completed several competencies. I am knowledgeable in various health policies, guidelines, protocols and other resources and am an avid believer in training the next generation of nurses. I take great interest in mentoring students and new graduates. I am very approachable and focused on your training needs.

Kerri Lucas

It is still very clear in my mind my first day as a new grad, 13 years ago. Since completing my new grad program, I have travelled to Europe and worked in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. I returned to Australia and found myself working in remote Aboriginal communities. I am interested in supporting your journey as a nurse.

Aileen Manahan

I am currently a registered nurse in the Oncology and Palliative Ward of Sydney Adventist Hospital. I finished my Master of Nursing in April 2011 and joined the New Graduate Program of the San in Feb 2011. Occasionally, I also work as a registered nurse at the Cumberland Hospital. Cancer Nursing and Mental Health are the two nursing fields that I am really interested in and I plan to grow in these fields.

Maricel Mariano

After graduating with Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing degrees in 2010, I completed my new graduate year in the emergency department of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, where I am now employed full time. My clinical interests lie in paediactrics and emergency medicine where I hope to one day specialise.

Jan Moyer

I’m a clinical nurse consultant working in haemovigilance (transfusion medicine) for SLHD. My original nursing education was hospital based in Canada followed by a Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) through Sydney Nursing School. It took me a number of years to find my place within the nursing profession and consequently I have held a variety of roles, both clinical and managerial. I understand the challenges of entering new environments where there is much to learn and I aim to support new nurses in this process.

Aaron OGrady

I'm a newly-minted registered nurse, having graduated last year with a Master of Nursing. I am currently working in ICU as the second rotation of my new graduate year at St Vincent's Hospital – my first rotation was in a haematology/oncology ward. I can tell you what it's like being a new grad and how to manage the challenges of transitioning from university to a public hospital because I have so recently faced these challenges myself. I look forward to passing on what I have learnt over a cappuccino or three!

Catherine (Kate) Perez

I work as a clinical nurse specialist in a coronary care unit of a Sydney hospital. Having worked as a classroom teacher for many years, I love to share my clinical expertise in cardiology, and find that students, junior staff and anyone who is keen to learn really value my approach to education.

Michelle Rosano

I am currently a part-time clinical nurse educator in the Oncology Unit at The Children’s Hospital, Westmead, and have been nursing since 2003. I have been a CNE and clinical coordinator, but mostly I've been on the ward caring for children with cancer and their families. I have completed a postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery and a Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice). I remember how daunting it is moving into the workforce, and the challenges of juggling family with work and study. I hope I can help to make your transition from student nurse to new graduate nurse as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Frank Ross

I am a clinical nurse consultant at the Children’s Hospitals Network – Westmead Campus. My principal field of interest is trauma, but I have a role in surgical conditions. As a mentor I could offer support, advice and understanding of the problems faced by new grads on entry to the hospital system.

Vlad Turicik

I suspect that every writer is writing for someone, so these lines may be as well for you: The only path worth blazing is your own. Learn for free, trade for your profit. You know, you do need mentor, but in the end, you really just need to believe in yourself. I work at RPA Hospital.

Jenny Wang

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology)/Master of Nursing in 2010 and completed my new graduate year in St George Hospital where I am currently employed full time in the Emergency Department. I know how daunting and challenging the transition from student nurse to new graduate nurse can be, and I hope that as a mentor, I can help make the transition easier and as enjoyable as possible.

Lauren Whalan

I completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Nursing with Sydney Nursing School in 2011. I am currently undertaking my new graduate program at The Children’s Hospital Westmead in the Emergency Department. I am passionate about paediatric nursing and in particular, adolescent health, and I intend to study further in this area. I am hoping that as a mentor I will be able to provide mentees with the support that I have recognised you need as a nurse starting out.

Verenaisi Wilson

Hello, my name is Verenaisi (Vera) Wilson and I am currently working at Canterbury Drug Health Services and have been there for eight years. As a mentor I will gladly offer and share my experience and knowledge in the management and careplan of clients who have problems with alcohol and other drugs.