Strategic Plan 2011–2015

Vision and purpose

Our vision is to create and sustain a vibrant environment of engaged enquiry of the highest quality and impact; one which emphasises the indivisibility of nursing and midwifery research, education, practice and policy. The purpose of our engaged enquiry is the advancement of health and wellbeing, through nursing and midwifery, at all levels from individual care to issues of global health.

Learning and Teaching

We have a commitment to interprofessional learning for collaborative practice; learning with, from and about other health professionals and consumers, recognising the distinctive contribution of each. Our courses reflect Sydney Nursing School's commitment to making a significant contribution to preparing current and future practitioners for leadership, advanced practice, research and careers in international health.


Improving the health of populations, patients, clients and their families is a central focus of nursing and midwifery research. This focus is realised by establishing effective research partnerships within and between the health professions, and with those to whom the research findings will apply.