Assignment coversheets

All assignments (including reports, journals etc) which are submitted to Sydney Nursing School for assessment must have a completed coversheet attached.

Whether you submit your assignment online or in hard copy, the coversheet must be attached to the document. You can download the coversheet in Word document format.

For online submissions:
Only submit one Word document. Do not separate the components. Your single document must include:

  • the coversheet
  • the content (document, journal, assignment etc) and
  • the references.

For hard copy submissions:
You can either download the Word version of the assignment coversheet, or collect an assignment coversheet from the brochure stand outside the Student Services counter. You must then attach it to your assignment. Your single completed document must also include any references related to the assignment.

NOTE: If your coversheet, assignment and references are not combined and submitted as a single document, your assignment will not be accepted or processed for marking.

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