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1: You are required to enrol in person if you are a NEW student enrolling in one of the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Master of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Nursing
  • Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration)
  • Postgraduate specialty programs
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

2: You are required to enrol in person if you are a CURRENT student who fits one of the following criteria:

  • You did not enrol by the relevant deadlines
  • You have failed continuing enrolment
  • You are returning from suspension

When and where to enrol

Download the enrolment schedule (PDF) for dates, times and location for enrolment.


Enrolment will take place during January and February 2014. There are different enrolment days and times for different cohorts of students. You will need to enrol in person on the nominated day(s) advised in the enrolment schedule. Academic advice and Nursing Student Services staff will be available on these days to assist with your enrolment.


The enrolment schedule will show you where you have to enrol. Enrolment takes place on two campuses:

If your enrolment is at Mallett Street Campus, you are advised to use public transport, as parking is limited around the campus. You can catch one of several bus routes along Parramatta Road and get off at the Mallett Street intersection. Alternatively, you can catch a train to Newtown Station and walk.

If your enrolment is at the Pharmacy Building on Camperdown Campus, you are advised to catch public transport. You can take any bus which goes along Parramatta Rd to the bus stop at the Footbridge.

What to bring

On enrolment day, please make sure you bring:

  • your offer letter/UAC acceptance slip
  • 100 points of identification (see here for further information)
  • your tax file number, or evidence that you have applied for one (required for Australian citizens only)

Academic advice and choosing your units of study

Academic advice will be available during your enrolment day. You should plan ahead and familiarise yourself with the units of study/patterns of study for your course. The more prepared you are, the quicker you will complete your enrolment on the day.

  • Nursing Handbook: contains the rules of your course, unit of study (subject) descriptions and key policies
  • Unit of Study Search: allows you to search online for different units of study and to read their descriptions
  • Patterns of study: available under the information for your course

Combined degree students please note:
In your first year, you will only be selecting units from the undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Health Sciences). For the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, you are encouraged to start considering what area you wish to major in, as this could influence the units of study you select in your first year.


If you are commencing a Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy, you will be enrolling through the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit (PSAU).

Proxy enrolment

If you are unable to attend on your allocated enrolment day, you can arrange for a proxy to enrol on your behalf. Please read the proxy information, download the proxy authorisation form and follow the instructions carefully before proceeding with this option. If you are not able to attend and cannot arrange a proxy, please contact Nursing Student Services for further advice.

Varying your enrolment

Once you enrol, you are responsible for ensuring that the information about your course, academic year and units of study are correct at the beginning of the semester. If a change occurs, you are responsible for amending your details. You will be sent a Confirmation of Enrolment notice after the initial enrolment period and following any variations to your enrolment.

You can find out more about varying your enrolment and other applications/requests such as suspending studies or discontinuation. These all require correct processes and specific forms to be filled out.

Returning to University after discontinuation

If you are not enrolled and do not have an approved suspension you are deemed to have discontinued your course and must reapply for admission to the degree. There is no automatic re-entry into the course.

International students should apply through the International Student Office.

Local combined degree students who have let their candidature lapse will need to reapply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Local Bachelor of Nursing (Post-registration) and postgraduate students should apply directly.

Please note that students who have outstanding debts* or who have had to show cause**, must have these matters finalised before their application will be considered.

*For further information on outstanding debts, contact Revenue Services on +61 2 9351 5222 **For further information on the need to show cause, contact the Student Affairs Unit.


The University runs a variety of orientation and welcome activities for commencing students.

Sydney Nursing School Orientation

Sydney Nursing School also runs an orientation program specifically for new nursing students.

Please register to attend on Orientation Day
Registrations close on Tuesday 18 February

The focus of our orientation session is to give you an introduction to the School and key University services.

This program is to prepare you for your studies within Sydney Nursing School. Topics include student services, study skills and our expectations of you as a student. All commencing students are welcome to attend. You will be sent an invitation to this program towards the end of January.

When: Tuesday 25 February 9am–4pm
Where: Building C, Mallett Street Campus, lecture theatre BG.01 (ground floor)
Lunch is provided


The University offers many activities at Camperdown and Darlington campuses during O-Week.
Further information: Visit the University's O-Week website.


Domestic students
If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen, or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa, you are referred to as a domestic student.

Our combined degree programs, the Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) and Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) programs are Commonwealth supported for domestic students. This means most of the cost of your course fee is paid by the government but you must also contribute towards this cost yourself. Our graduate certificate, diplomas and advanced learning master's courses are Commonwealth supported for domestic students. (Note: exceptions are Clinical Trials Practice and Primary Health Care which are full-fee paying.)

You are required to pay your course fees each semester. However, if you are an Australian citizen, you can request a government loan to cover this payment. This loan is referred to as HECS-HELP for Commonwealth supported students, and FEE-HELP for full-fee paying students. If you choose a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan, you will not receive an invoice from the University. Students choosing to pay up front will be issued with an invoice and a due date for payment following enrolment.
The University's website providesfurther information regarding Commonwealth support, HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP. You can also find information on the Australian government's Study Assist website, or you can search our Ask Sydney FAQs.

International students
The University website has information on payment of fees for international students.