Nickolas Yu

PhD candidate

How participation in a coaching program affects participants: a qualitative study

SUPERVISORS: Professor Kate White and Dr Michael Cavanagh

Coaching is being increasingly used in healthcare with patients and staff. Despite an increase in published research on coaching very few studies have examined the effectiveness of coaching for staff in healthcare, and little is known about how participation in coaching programs affects participants. The overall aim of the author’s program of research was to explore the impact of a coaching program on participants’ work performance and wellbeing. In earlier phases of this research it was identified that coaching increased performance and wellbeing among multidisciplinary participants in a coaching program, and that these improvements were explained by increases in meta-cognition, motivation, and positive affect.


This presentation will focus on the final phase of the study, seeking to understand more broadly how the program
affected participants. The guiding research question was: How were participants affected by participation in the
coaching program?


Mixed method design was used for the overall study. For the initial phases of the study quantitative data was collected pre and post on core work behaviours, proactive work behaviours, meta-cognition, role-breadth selfefficacy, positive and negative affect, and mental health. For the present study a reflective journal was kept for 9 of the participants throughout the coaching program and they used these to write a summary reflection at the end of the program.

Results and discussion

Participants’ summary reflection logs were analysed using a thematic analysis approach that was similar to the approach described by Braun & Clarke (2006). This paper will present the preliminary findings of the qualitative analysis.