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Fiat Mist Seminar Series

Tuesday 21 August

Evidence-based Complementary Medicines and Pharmacy

How can evidence-based complementary medicines be integrated into pharmacy training and practice to ensure the safe provision of these products to the public?

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia strongly encourages all consumers considering taking complementary medicines to first consult their pharmacist for sound, evidence-based advice.

However, the results of a recent Australian study that evaluated pharmacists’ knowledge of complementary medicines concluded: ‘Our findings are reflective of international trends and add to the growing body of evidence identifying the barriers to pharmacists’ safe and informative sale of complementary medicines to consumers. This result indicates a requirement for specialised and targeted education focusing on relevant and efficacious complementary medicines with strong clinical evidence-base.’


Dr Joanna Harnett, Lecturer (Complementary Medicines), School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney.
Professor Stephen Myers, Professor (Natural Medicine), Director of the Natural Medicine Research, Southern Cross University
Professor Jerome Sarris, Professor (Integrative Mental Health), Deputy Director at The National Institute of Complementary Medicine, University of Western Sydney.
Facilitated by Professor Parisa Aslani (Professor in Medicines Use Optimisation), School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney.

Fiat Mist Seminars

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