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All graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy automatically become members of the Pharmacy Alumni Association which aims to promote a lifelong connection to the Faculty and the University through a range of activities and programs.

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Faculty Events

The University has a packed, variety-filled calendar of events open to all alumni. To see what’s going on at the moment click here

Under the Scope: Dinner for Diabetes Research
Friday 15 August 2014, 6.30pm

Join us as we step back in time to the 1920s for a special event to support diabetes research.

In between fine dining and great music inspired by this golden era of jazz, prosperity and the discovery of insulin, you will hear about the latest diabetes research at the Sydney Pharmacy School. We will also give you insights into how these discoveries are improving the quality of life for those living with diabetes.

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Awards and Medals

2014 Faculty of Pharmacy Alumni Achievement Awards

Nominations for the 2014 Faculty of Pharmacy Alumni Achievement Awards are now closed. All pharmacy alumni, staff and friends were invited to nominate fellow graduates whose work made a positive impact in their professional field or communities in Australia and/or overseas.

The Faculty of Pharmacy in conjunction with the Pharmacy Alumni Association recognise outstanding alumni efforts in two categories: the Pharmacy Alumni Award for Achievement and the Pharmacy Young Alumni Award for Achievement (for alumni aged 30 and younger).

Pharmacy Alumni Achievement Awards 2013

Congratulations to our 2013 Alumni Achievement Award winners, Nina Huynh (BPharm ’06) and Mr Paul Sinclair (BPharm ’81).

Young Alumni Award for Achievement

Ms Nina Huynh (BPharm ’06) receives the Young Alumni Award in recognition of her passionate commitment to serving the people of Southern Sydney as a community pharmacist.

Nina has made a name for herself as one of the rising young stars of community pharmacy in Australia, thanks to her professionalism and her dedication to the health of patients, customers and the wider public.

She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2006 and quickly realised her vocation was as a community pharmacist. Soon after, she joined Soul Pattinson Menai, one of the busier pharmacies in the Sydney Metropolitan Region. Today her role there spans a diverse range of responsibilities from consulting on products and conducting medicines use reviews to liaising with pharmaceutical representatives. Since last year, she has held the position of Retail Manager, overseeing the successful running of the store and ensuring a high standard of care, professionalism and customer service within the business.

From the beginning of her career, Nina has shown a staunch determination to bring about real improvements in community health outcomes through her chosen vocation. She generously gives her time to educate the public on issues such as quality use of medicines, speaking at leagues clubs and nursing groups in the Menai area. She is also well known for her sympathy and understanding with patients and customers, her willingness to make herself available to answer questions, and her unflagging energy and upbeat attitude.

Another priority for the 29-year-old has been on fostering professionalism and creating a nurturing, supportive working environment for her fellow pharmacists. She serves as a mentor to interns and younger pharmacy professionals, helping to hone their skills in areas such as dispensing, retail service and time management.

With her outstanding service to the community and her dedication to continuous improvement, Nina exemplifies the highest standards of community pharmacy in the 21st century.

Alumni Award for Achievement

Mr Paul Sinclair (BPharm ’81) receives the Alumni Award for Achievement for his tireless efforts to advance the profession of pharmacy within Australia and internationally.

Paul is a highly respected community pharmacist who has owned and operated pharmacies in South-western Sydney as well as the Southern Highlands and the Central Coast. In tandem with a successful career spanning three decades, he has volunteered much of his time and energy to uplifting and enhancing community pharmacy as a profession.

A high-profile member of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Paul has served the peak body in a range of senior roles. Currently, he is a National Councillor and Chair of the Quality Assurance and Standards Committee. In that capacity, he helps to administer the Quality Care Pharmacy Program, which seeks to bolster professionalism in community pharmacy in order to deliver better health outcomes. He also sits on the Health Economics Committee and the Fifth Agreement Management Committee.

Paul was a member of the delegation that negotiated the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement and played an important role in educating his peers about its terms. Previously, he served as Chair of the Fourth Agreement Professional Programs and Services Advisory Committee (PPSAC), which advised the Federal Government on how the $568 million set aside for pharmacy professional services under the agreement should be spent. Paul is also Vice-President of the Guild’s NSW branch. Outside the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Paul is Chair of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists and a member of the Pharmacy Council of NSW. Meanwhile, he is also a voice for the pharmacy profession on the world stage through his role as Vice-President on the Executive Committee of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Community Pharmacy Section.

Paul also finds the time to give back to his own community and society as a whole. He is a keen supporter of charities such as the Asthma Foundation and has served with distinction in local government, sitting as a councillor on Campbelltown City Council for 10 years and holding the position of Mayor from 1998 to 1999.

Past Events

A number of reunions have been held at the Faculty in 2009, 2010 and 2011, 2012. They were:

Event Contact details and photos

1952 Materia Medica 60 Year Reunion held on 26 September 2012.



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 The Dean's Dubbo Cocktail Reception held on 11 September 2012.


 Class of 1982 held on 22 June 2012.


 Class of 1991/1992 held on Friday 21st September 2011.

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Class of 1961 Reunion held on Thursday 29th September 2011. On the 29th September, 56 classmates reunited with each other 50 years after graduating with a certificate of Pharmacy in 1961 at the Faculty of Pharmacy Building.

After hesitant moments of quickly checking name badges and shrieks of recognition, the group picked off where they left off on their graduation day.

Volunteers from SUPA led them around the faculty building showing them the new labs and the old labs that one class mate commented “hadn't changed since they last visited them.” The classmates came together as they reminisced of the days when they too had donned the white coat and goggles before entering the rooms.

The Dean would like to thank the class of 1961 for sharing morning tea with him and donating over $1500 to the faculty for future research and projects.


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1952 Materia Medica Alumni Reunion held on Wednesday 29th September 2010.


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1960 Materia Medica Alumni Reunion held on Friday 1st October 2010. 

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1959 Materia Medica 50-year Reunion was also held on October 2nd 2009.


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1949 Materia Medica 60-year Reunion was held in September 2009.


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